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Most of your most important hygiene revolves around having a working sink or faucet. Washing dishes, rinsing food, or washing your hands all require sinks that aren't clogged or failing. If you have a clogged drain that's affecting your bathroom or kitchen sinks, call YellowToad Plumbing as soon as possible. Our Valencia plumbing specialists can discover the source of the clog and provide a quick and permanent solution.

When a clog exclusively affects your sink, it likely means the clog isn't in your main sewer drain—which is good news. The likely culprit for your clog is years of soap and hair residue buildup (or grease if it's a kitchen sink). Our team can clean your sink drain using eco-friendly methods that don't damage your pipes. Whether you have a slow drain or a total backup, our team is ready to solve your problem with honest and upfront prices.

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