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Is your shower draining more slowly than it used to? Have you seen sewage backup while showering? Or have you noticed a ring of scum around the shower drain? Each of these symptoms indicate that your shower drain has a clog. It's normal for years of buildup (hair, grease, dirt, or soap residue) to create a blockage in your drain, but if you're experiencing clogs on a frequent basis, then the issue might be more serious than just your drain.

For example, frequent clogging indicates that your buildup is not actually being cleaned or cleared. It may also be a symptom of excessively hard water, as mineral buildup can accrue quickly a short period. If your pipes are being crushed or experience too much pressure, it may lead to frequent shower drain problems.

Regardless of the issue you're facing, you need to call YellowToad Plumbing. Our plumbing specialists are more than happy to handle any issues you're facing quickly and professionally. Because we use cutting-edge equipment to locate your clogs with precision, we spend less time looking for your problems and more time solving them. We're available 24 hours a day to provide fast diagnosis and high-quality repairs.

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